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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Italian food, mm mm mmmmm


The food in Italy is very different from the Swedish. The Italian food contains much more sugar than the Swedish food. The breakfast is totaly diffrerent, in Sweden we for example eat a sandwich with butter and ham or cheese or cereals with milk/yoghurt and we usually drink milk, juice or water to our breakfast, while in Italy, they eat cookies, Nutella and "Kinder milk slice". (OK, Ivana eats Nutella to every meal of the day, hihi !)

Also the salad isn't the same, in the Italian version there's usually nothing more than lettuce, in Sweden we usually add cucumber, tomatoes or something else to make the salad more full-flavoured and except that we eat much more vegetables overall., but when it comes to the pasta it's pretty much the same here as in Italy. We noticed that the food in Sweden is more spicy than the Italian food, which we didn't really got used to during our stay in Italy. ;)
The pizza was very tasteful and not as unhealthy as in Sweden, usually we put a lot of sauce on the pizza, and as an extra on top we can have for example seafood or fries. MMMMM :)

We have to mention the Italian icecream! IT'S SOOO GOOOOOD OMGGGGG! We could live on the Italian icecream, yummi! :)))

And last but not least, WE MISS YOU GUYS soooo  much and we hope we'll meet again, maybe next summer?! :)

LOVE  from Ivana, Alma, Pontus, Lovisa and Kristina !

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Italy rules!

We miss you guys! During our stay in Italy, we had the opportunity to visit your beautiful school in Leno. From our point of view, there were a lot of differences between Swedish schools and Italian schools.  The day both starts and ends a bit earlier in Italy and you guys don’t eat lunch at school, like we do. Clocks are ringing every time a lesson begins and ends and the school is really, really BIG!

We are like 300 pupils back home at GKC and you are almost 2000 pupils! OMG! But still you have pretty small school classes… Maybe it’s because of the massive amount of pupils that you can’t have your own computers. We feel sooooooooo sorry for you!

But the biggest and most "terrifying "difference between our schools was…. Wait for it… THE TOILETS! Either all the women in Italy are men or just super humans, cause we don’t understand how girls manage to use these “holes in the ground” How? HOOOW? We salute you! You guys have the same classroom for a whole year, which is a little bit different from our school because we often change classrooms depending on which subject we have. Not every class changes classrooms every new subject but around one a day does.

Marie, Johanna and Aida

Thursday, October 18, 2012

SWEDEN MISS ITALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SOOOO, OK... ITALY WAS AWESOME AND WE MISS IT... okay you know, MILANO WAS AAAWEEESOOOOOMMMEEE! It's like... what are we doing in Sweden... We really loooved MILANO with its shopping streets, the BIRDS, its fashion style, (the cool thing is that they have everything we have in Sweden but everything just looks  older, more beautiful), oh and there were also some homeless people around... :'( I gave them some of my money... heh.

Anyway, we went to the Cathedral , "il Duomo"! Can't believe it almost took 500 years to built! And those steps up to the top, WE DIED! They must build an elevator :D No but the Duomo was really beautiful and we're so thankful that we visited that church because we werereally looking forward to it!

(my camera died after this photo, right before I was going to take a photo of the Duomo, so sorry)

The icecream in Milano, in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II... was PERFECT. And we've learned SOO much about Italy during our stay! The families were so thoughtful, the FOOD was a clear B I N G O, our cultures are very different, comparing to our capital Stockholm, Milano looks and has more cultural infrastructure, you've left the old fashioned style where it is instead of building everything into modern. And we've learned some "good" words in italian too (; haha

We will never forget this journey, NEVER EVER. We've got thousands of photographs, we've got memories, we've got each others Facebooks, we will keep in contact forever as a family. Now once again, Thank You Italy!

Lots of LOVE from Kristina Leckholt and Karlijn Von Morgen

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The teachers' take on the trip.

The teachers' take on the trip.

Greetings from Carl Johan and Bosse!

Here are a few photos organized into a short story of our time in Italy. We really appreciate the efforts and hospitality, and we look forward to seeing you again.

The photoviewer contains three posts, if your browser only shows two just hit the 'previous'-link  in the bottom right corner to show the first one.

Hopefully there shall be more blogposts on the way!


Monday, October 8, 2012


I've just watched the video! WOW!!! That's totally awesome!!!
Thank you for giving us one more reason to believe in what we are doing and carry on! Thank you guys:-)